We are definitely experts on patents
But we also want to understand your business

Good business not only benefits from hard work and having an attractive and innovative product or service, it also requires that competitors are kept at bay. Profits erode quickly if other companies are allowed to supply similar products and services without having to spend time and money on development. Patents offer a unique opportunity to protect the ideas, concepts, and unique selling points inherent to a product or service.

Every now and then, patent activities are carried out at random and without an eye on the bigger picture. Patents become legal paper documents that take on a life of their own, without proper regard to the underlying business proposition.

It is our ambition to maximize our clients’ benefit of the patent system and to shape the patent protection to support the business model and be aligned with the business strategy.

We are a newly founded IP law firm that operates in southern Sweden, particularly in the region of Lund and Malmö. The founders Hans Neij and Olle Lindberg, both highly experienced in the patent field, saw that there was room for an IP law firm that implements truly efficient work processes and delivers high-quality counselling and prosecution services at short lead times. Neij & Lindberg will fill this gap.

The founders have had the benefit of working in-house as patent experts for many years. This background is reflected in the day-to-day activities at Neij & Lindberg. We aspire to understand and predict the needs and wishes of our clients. The basis for all our work is to deliver something that we would have wanted ourselves in a given situation.

We seek a close relation with our clients since we feel that a good understanding of the bigger picture is essential to get the details right. And truth is indeed in the details.

It should be straightforward to work with us. We provide clear and comprehensive guidance even in the most complex of cases. We are fleet-footed and effective, but we never compromise with quality. And in addition, we are quite enjoyable to work with.

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